What is a "Briefcase" as it applies to the Texas web page?
The web system creates a "Briefcase" (container) for each User ID that stores all of the �Sessions� (transactions) attributed to the User Web ID. A �Session� is created when the following steps occur:
  1. User logs on the system: System creates a �Session� and assigns a �Session ID� Note: This �Session ID� is a unique identifier that follows all transactions completed during that �Session�.
  2. User processes one or more transactions
  3. User logs off the system: System closes the �Session� and the �Session� is added to the �Briefcase�
  4. System sends email to the user noting the �Session ID�
  5. System adds the �Session� to user �Briefcase�
Important user information regarding the Briefcase function:
Each �Session� stays in the �Briefcase� for up to 14 days. The �Session� in the �Briefcase� can be accessed, downloaded and printed at any time during the 14 days.
If you have not added any �Sessions� for 14 or more days, your �Briefcase� will be empty.
Make a note of the Session ID number, or reference the automated email message that includes this number. A �Session� may be accessed if the �Session ID� is submitted to the system.
Each �Session� can only be viewed individually, not concurrently with other Sessions.
It is not possible to view all of the contents of your �Briefcase� at one time.
All files saved in the �Briefcase� are saved as .zip and / or .pdf files that can be printed or saved to your local drive.
Note: The following applications can be downloaded for free: An Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader Version 7.0 or higher from http://www.adobe.com, and WinZip Version of 7.0 or higher from http://www.winzip.com. If you need help with these applications, press F1 from an open application.
Only �Web Transactions� generate �Sessions� that are stored in your �Briefcase�.