Service # Defendant Style Cause #

  • Service of Process will issue the Certificate of Service as soon as a result is received from the US Postal Service.
  • If a result is not received from the US Postal Service 60 calendar days from the forwarded date, a No Response Certificate will be issued within 3-5 business days thereafter the 60th calendar day.

  • Instructions:
    InstructionsThere is no fee for this service.
    InstructionsA search may be conducted on a single field or any combination of fields.
    InstructionsDo not use punctuation when conducting a search. All punctuation will be ignored. For hyphenated names use a space in place of the hyphen.
    InstructionsOnly the first 999 matching entries will be displayed.
    InstructionsIf you are unable to locate the information you need, please contact the Citations Unit at (512) 463-5560.
    InstructionsWildcard searches are permitted for Defendant, Style, and Cause #. Ex: ABC% will bring up all results containing ABC. (Note that wildcard searches are not available for Service #.)