Section 722.003 of the Texas Transportation Code requires a person to obtain an automobile club certificate of authority from the Office of the Secretary of State before engaging in business as an automobile club that offers its membership assistance in matters relating to travel, and to the operation, use, or maintenance of a motor vehicle.

This site has search capabilities that allow searches to be made for automobile services clubs that have obtained an �automobile club certificate of authority� from the Office of the Secretary of State. All fields displayed are searchable. �ACN� means Automobile Club Number. �AFN� means Agent File Number.

All automobile club certificates of authority expire annually on August 31 and may be renewed.

InstructionsThere is no fee for this service.
InstructionsWildcard searches are permitted for name. Example: Name: ABC%
InstructionsAddresses provided were current on the date the entity was registered. The address provided may no longer be valid if the status is closed.